Haibun 38

modus operandi

when i do die and not soon i hope i want people to say ‘who was he anyway’. the only way your sins can be buried is if your kindnesses are also forgotten. maybe it is just me but the living need to live their own lives and any memories of me tend to weaken not enhance any influence i had on them. while i live dont hate me dont love me just be with me.

pulling petals
off daisies
i forget why

Haibun 36

breaching the third wall

talking to yourself is seen by some people as a form of madness. i dont see it that way at all. if you dont talk to someone else you will never learn a thing about them. and the same is true of yourself. you need to know the real person and we are verbal animals so talking to yourself is the one sure path to clear understanding. after all you are the best manifestation of your life.

my dance card
every single dance
includes me

Haibun 35

statues made of matchsticks

you dont need to tear down a statue to destroy it. whoever the subject of the bronze and stone collection they become irrelevant myths in the crush of history. “Who is that guy on the horse mommy”. “That is the guy who lost the war dear.”

the brass plate
doesnt tell the whole story
war memorial