Haibun 175

putting my kingdom up for sale

morning meditation. you wake up easy. not an idea in your head. you drink a little water and you find a cushion to sit on. this will be simple today you think to yourself. and then.

everything you ever thought about for the last hundred days flows to your mind. does not matter that is was perfect a minute ago.

it is a war fought moment to moment. and here i am sliding into abject failure. so it goes. so it goes. then a smile that buddha smiles fills my face. the war is one when a bluebird sings.

clear mist
i pour it
into an empty mind

Haibun 174

no problem

reminding myself that all the silly little problems of my life are just an inconvenience really. pain and suffering are part of the daily routine but just a part. i know this from growing older that the privilege of every second is worth it when i arrive at the next.

the moment
a chickadee sings
i sing with him

Haibun 169

yes i been drinkin

exhausted with getting on with life. it has been seventy two years now. i love life. but i have to admit the other side of life is catching up. we measure life in time but what does time measure itself against. is it us. i cant find my way to the exit but i am not worried. i suspect it will find me. sure i will miss this life but what good is it to keep walking when the path ends at an ocean. when i disappear from your view know that i went without struggle. it was my pleasure to end it in a dead run. when the foghorn blows i will be coming home.

black coffee
two scoops per cup…
sleepwalking the blues

Haibun 162

life contains no answers

people often say that life is full of questions. I dont think so. the only thing we have to do in life is to accept it. people get upset over things that amount to nothing more than unachievable dreams. why didnt i win the lottery. why did that other person get the promotion. why is that party or the other in power. or not. it is so simple really. when i was in my twenties my wife and i visited some friends at shawnigan lake in british columbia. they were working at a camp for very troubled girls. we camped on the side of a hill above their facilities. one day we were heading out to climb a mountain nearby. nothing daring just a trail to a windy peak is all. as we were loading a toyota land cruiser we were borrowing from another friend i saw that he had left a seventy pound survival pack in the back of the vehicle. i asked my friend if the owner was planning on going somewhere and he said oh no. so i asked why he had a pack ready. my friend said as a reminder. a reminder of what i asked. of the only things he really ‘needs’ was the answer. a life changing moment it was. if you carefully select the really necessary things in your life you can live a lifetime without questions or answers.

in the shape of a woman
an aurora
dances me home