Haibun 70

winter solstice dreams

where i live in the north woods you never know what winter will bring. every night you go to sleep and with the exception of the sounds of the wind you have no idea what you may see when you wake. but it is an exciting time. a foot of snow. minus 30 degrees fahrenheit. heavy winds. and there are always those moments when the sun flies off the trees with the snow. whatever greets you is perfect at that moment. the peace that comes from the terms of a mutual acceptance between nature and human nature.

morning fog the unimaginable always within reach

Haibun 47

breaking off course

a lake is a window into the earth. we cant see through it. so even the surface seems opaque to us. life requires that we imagine it in order to live it. only has taken me seventy one years to reach this conclusion. one that my vivid imagination has kept from me all this time.

light passes
through crystal
i pass
through my life

Most likely will never be ‘published’!