Haibun 211

dont own the clothes i am wearing

in the sixties a lot happened. most of it i will just keep to myself. but i will tell you that we spent little time keeping up appearances and even less wearing a stitch of covering. why did we go to southern california. why did we take spring break in florida. well. we let a lot more than our freak flags fly i can tell you that. 

on a porch

with no chairs

we rock all night

Haibun 210

heavy metal prelude

my tastes in everything are eclectic. before i crank metallica and black sabbeth up to max on my car radio i listen to a little hillary han and khatia buniatishvili. if the world is going to ever be ‘fixed’ we are going to need every tool in the toolbox. 

the moment

before the last one

that was the best

Haibun 209

its not too far to never never land.

time moves on without me. i am stuck in memories and it seems just perfect to me. the present moment holds the entire past in its hands. cupped and filled to overflowing my youth just runs down the drain. all of my childhood was spent daydreaming. now that i think about it all of my adulthood too.

binge watching

star trek episodes

the pointed ears on my cat

Haibun 208

cattywampus pets

we have a wonderful rescue cat. she loves us both but differently. she loves me to pick her up and carry her around the house. my wife not that at all. she wants my wife to read to her while she sits and gets petted. actually my wife is reading to herself but our cat just wants to ‘be’ with her. we can both play with her that she is down with at any time. oh and i feed her her wet food once a day and she cleans the plate. my wife on the other hand finds all the posh balls she has ‘scored goals’ with under the kitchen cupboard and the water heater closet. 

we think these wee brained souls are pets for us to play with and manipulate with food and attention. but i think it is quite the other way around. she finds roles for us to play in her dramas and provides the whispered script for us to act out with meows from off stage. we named her dae-min. i wonder what she has named us.


i am quite sure

was really a cat

Michael Rehling – USA (PJ30)

Prune Juice Journal of Senryu & Related Forms

better git it in your soul

people ask me if i believe in reincarnation. I do but only for the living. i cant speak for or to the dead so i will leave that for a later time. a lot later time i sincerely hope. but the living can shape shift many many times in a lifetime you know that in your heart. i wont speak personally about the places i have been reborn into but miles davis did it in his life and his music. he began playing classical music and was considered a born horn player in that world. but then in his teens he moved with all diligent speed toward jazz. yeah the dizzie g phase was a blast but then he just kept moving into bop and invented whole schools of jazz all by himself. then as fast as lightswitch he stopped playing divorced his wife…

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