Haibun 47

breaking off course

a lake is a window into the earth. we cant see through it. so even the surface seems opaque to us. life requires that we imagine it in order to live it. only has taken me seventy one years to reach this conclusion. one that my vivid imagination has kept from me all this time.

light passes
through crystal
i pass
through my life

Most likely will never be ‘published’!


Haibun 41

centering the periphery

the struggle to ‘get to the in crowd’ is never worth it. yes i know never is a very unambiguous word but that is what i intend. the ‘top of the mountain’ can kill you and anyway the real view in my opinion is from valley below looking up. i decided long ago that the best experience is found in the totality of crowded grasses and not the precipice where clouds and rock hide so much of the valley. the revelation in the sweeping wind reveals the shimmer of it all.

early morning haze
we never saw it coming
november sunrise

Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 40

i had a good idea but it didnt last

enlightenment is sort of like a dimmer switch. no matter how much you fiddle it is either too light or too dark. step outside and clouds and stars will lead you to a comfort that is more like perfection than that damn switch can ever provide.

the way out
of the gravel pit
by drowning
in it

Published in Prune Juice Journal!

Haibun 39

soul stew

i am often caught thinking. silently if that is possible. about all the things that have influenced me. but nothing ever comes from it. russo wrote three pieces for blues band and orchestra while thinking. silently. seiji ozawa recorded it with the san francisco orchestra and the siegel schwall blues band. i am still thinking. silently.

the shadow
of a coopers hawk
is all the squirrel sees


Published in Prune Juice Journal!

Haibun 31

ventilator blues

           title of a song by the Rolling Stones

“I do not have a biography and I am very happy about it.” Jean Anouilh

i have holes in my resume. they include years when i refused to wear a tie. even the wedding of a friend could not push me over that imaginary line.

dressed down
a bitter crow spits advice
through treetops