Haibun 92

straight no chaser

i dont drink much. but when i do i drink sixteen year aged scotch. made in islay in scotland (obviously). it smells like peat moss. that might be because the water they use in the distillation process in islay is from a peat bog. ok. it ‘is’ why it smells like peat. anyway the only way to drink scotch is ‘neat’. if you spend that kind of money for the good stuff then pouring it over ice or diluting it with soda just seems outright dumb to me. life is best straight up not watered down and good scotch is just part of being alive for me.

life lessons
the dizzying way
a cherry blossom flutters


Haibun 91

its not too far to never never land

time moves on without me. i am stuck in memories and it seems just perfect to me. the present moment holds the entire past in its hands. cupped and filled to overflowing my youth just runs down the drain. all of my childhood was spent daydreaming. now that i think about it all of my adulthood too.

binge watching
star trek episodes
the pointed ears on my cat

Haibun 90

cognitive dissonance

i was born in detroit michigan. some people might regret that fact but i never have. it is a bit of a snake bit town on many levels. but it also has a sort of club like feel to the residents. i was in the club. we took great care not to mess with other ‘members’. we knew who belonged. only got robbed once. some guys broke into our house on the east side. we had a dog that loved the kids and hated strangers. she was locked in the kitchen when they came in. she chewed the doorknob off and chased them out of the house. a blood trail ended at the fence in the backyard. after that word spread i guess that we were not a ‘soft’ target. my long hair and beard was most likely a deterrent. Those crazy hippies. they might just let their dog kill ya.

what plant is that
i dunno
lets smoke it and find out

Haibun 89

everybodys jumpin

listening to jazz. thinking about bakers keyboard lounge in the ‘d’. any bar that is shaped like a giant piano starts with a firm head start for me. more than once when closing time came they just locked the front doors and kept right on playing. being law abiding they stopped serving liquor at 2:00am. i know jazz listening while high to some folks might not seem religious. but to me even the memories are spiritual.

sweet smoke of jazz
the piano player
never looks up


Haibun 88

it aint what the moon did

i never stumble in moonlight but the sun trips me up a lot. my imaginary public defender has missed her car payment two months in a row. i move my fingers faster over my prayer beads.

i dont blame myself   i blame the new moon   winter solstice