Haibun 189

aint it high time we went

days slide past. i feel like one of those old view master 3d toys of my childhood. you slipped in a circular set of slides. looked into two eyepieces and clicked to move from one place to another. saw the grand canyon for the first time on one of those things. it was so much better years later in person though. once you have seen the real thing your imagination is a poor substitute. so i went to as many places as i could in my life. now i just slip into consciousness with half closed eyes while listening to the songs of the sixties. right at the edge of that canyon in just a split second i go. “you cant always get what you want but if you try real hard you can get what you need.”

recalled to life…
a corpse on the sofa
s t i r s

Haibun 188

playing in every key at once

i center myself on not making myself dizzy. it then becomes clear. the straight life i left for the woods of northern michigan never fit me that good anyway. i sit. hiding behind old oaks and wondering why some people cant ever just be. whenever i spot a bit of fuzzy dust under a table i just let it lay there. its future up to it entirely.

a breeze
through my mind

Haibun 187

pass me a rainbow

some of my generation are ex-hippies. me i just stayed one. even through many straight configurations that most people cannot imagine. even my years in banking they all knew there was something wrong with me. but i seriously think that is why they kept me and promoted me. they wanted someone to tear it all down in front of them but in fun way. i still want a ken kesey psychedelic bus. maybe for my next birthday. who knows.

janis joplins
paisley porsche
still parked in my mind

Haibun 186

simulating reality

schrodingers cat. not dead. not alive. at least until we make it so. whatever ‘it’ is. i wonder what netflix original show my life is being played out in. i hope it is exciting. i want it to be a hit. but than. you have to wonder is my role a ‘bit player’ or am i a star. until you look in the ‘box’ who knows. my plastic face tries on a new identity. perfect fit.

late night…
binge watching
the sleeping cat