Haibun 137

just my imagination running away with me

i feel like i will live forever. i am not looking for or anticipating the end. i think i will just keep listening to the music of the clouds and pick a few stars from the sky for dinner later on…

at the waterfall
the pace of my life

Haibun 134

locked tight in the universe

the best experience in the world is when you think yourself right into a tight corner and then blow right through the walls. freedom is afterall only an experience and you can have it at will once you learn the trick. it cant be given to others and it cant be stolen from you once you have it. it is your original self.
a day lily
to a bee

Haibun 133

non sequitur as art

sometimes you are just sitting there listening to dry conversation. if you want it to change course just do what I do. say something totally and entirely off point. whatever happens next will be better for everyone even if the others just ask you to leave. i have data on this that proves my theory completely.

the still
of lilies
the sound of a frog

Haibun 132

when i was young just yesterday

as a kid i valued my bag of cats eye marbles more than anything. when i grew up i valued paper with paintings of queens and kings and revolutionaries on it. today i would give a bag of gold for my cats eye marbles that are long gone. my view of the past is much clearer today than it was when i lived it.

the impulses
of youth
exploding the sun
with my thumb

Haibun 131

ghost in the shell

looking over my life there is a peaceful disorder to it all. done a lot. been a lot of places. met a lot of people. in all the activity i have found nothing missing. if i have a secret it is that i didnt expect anything. one time i quit my job. a well paying one too. i took a month off and just flew and drove around to see friends. it is a memory without context which is the best kind. it is too bad that i cannot share this memory with all of you.

just a new moon
and i