Haibun 211

dont own the clothes i am wearing

in the sixties a lot happened. most of it i will just keep to myself. but i will tell you that we spent little time keeping up appearances and even less wearing a stitch of covering. why did we go to southern california. why did we take spring break in florida. well. we let a lot more than our freak flags fly i can tell you that. 

on a porch

with no chairs

we rock all night

One thought on “Haibun 211

  1. Wow, Mike! I loved this! Yes the 60s were the formative years for me too! The Viet Nam war, race to the moon, Kennedy’s assassination, stereo music, free love, .25 gas, color TV, and electronic technology booming! Yet no inkling of internet, smart phones, personal computers, and 24/7 online gaming 🧐. But we made it, didn’t we! My prayer is that young folks today will survive intact too and love America as we do. 👍

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