Haibun 214

journey into one

there is a thing about the universe i love   and that is   that i am an integral part of it   i have come in contact with many great holy thinkers   they all have one thing in common   and that is the oneness of everything   even the electric impulses of our thoughts are part of it    and so there is no one who cannot be my friend   no application to fill out    boxes to check    or gifts to leave at my feet    some of the best gifts i have received    were from artists philosophers religious teachers of all faiths and musicians playing just the right notes in just the right moment    on September 24, 2022 the great sax player and composer Pharoah Sanders left his body   and still   he is with me right now…   when i die i will go nowhere and remain with him    and with you    enjoy this poem

shape into faces
do you see mine…


Haibun 213

grain theory

there is something i need more than facts. i need a good theory. or better put i need a theory about good. consulting scientists seems useless. they want the former while i seek the later. what makes something anything or us good. i am listening to kenny garrett play his sax with miles davis.I believe that will be the starting point of my search for the theory of good. when miles plays a song you dont listen to the song you just listen to miles. the song will appear at some point but you just stay lost in miles and it will come when it feels like it. 

someday. maybe tomorrow. i will come to you all and report my findings in the middle of a five hundred acre field of rye…

the loose sounds

of jazz

composing a melody

out of a ‘riff’

Haibun 212

slow dancing under a meteor shower

memories are clickbait. those parts of us that we cling to within the hopeless terms of ‘reality’. when the incidental remains on the shelf too long true meanings are lost. ashes of the dead cat scattered at the outlet.


i drag the past to a pit

and beat the shit out of it

Haibun 211

dont own the clothes i am wearing

in the sixties a lot happened. most of it i will just keep to myself. but i will tell you that we spent little time keeping up appearances and even less wearing a stitch of covering. why did we go to southern california. why did we take spring break in florida. well. we let a lot more than our freak flags fly i can tell you that. 

on a porch

with no chairs

we rock all night

Haibun 210

heavy metal prelude

my tastes in everything are eclectic. before i crank metallica and black sabbeth up to max on my car radio i listen to a little hillary han and khatia buniatishvili. if the world is going to ever be ‘fixed’ we are going to need every tool in the toolbox. 

the moment

before the last one

that was the best

Haibun 209

its not too far to never never land.

time moves on without me. i am stuck in memories and it seems just perfect to me. the present moment holds the entire past in its hands. cupped and filled to overflowing my youth just runs down the drain. all of my childhood was spent daydreaming. now that i think about it all of my adulthood too.

binge watching

star trek episodes

the pointed ears on my cat

Haibun 208

cattywampus pets

we have a wonderful rescue cat. she loves us both but differently. she loves me to pick her up and carry her around the house. my wife not that at all. she wants my wife to read to her while she sits and gets petted. actually my wife is reading to herself but our cat just wants to ‘be’ with her. we can both play with her that she is down with at any time. oh and i feed her her wet food once a day and she cleans the plate. my wife on the other hand finds all the posh balls she has ‘scored goals’ with under the kitchen cupboard and the water heater closet. 

we think these wee brained souls are pets for us to play with and manipulate with food and attention. but i think it is quite the other way around. she finds roles for us to play in her dramas and provides the whispered script for us to act out with meows from off stage. we named her dae-min. i wonder what she has named us.


i am quite sure

was really a cat

Haibun 207

wishes can always come true

when you are really smart. be very careful to whom you show your intelligence. Oh do show it to others. but use it to give compassion. use it to solve issues in this world. show it to make money but be sure to share it with the mates who helped you. one strong word of warning though dont ever show it to yourself. the money you will spend on therapists will bankrupt you. smarts are like keys. they get you in but they dont do anything else. i would rather have ten good friends in the world and do one good thing for each of them than ten billion dollars. money is an anchor that drags you down. friendship now that is the real deal. it keeps you afloat in the worst of times. one of my best friends is my wife. one dinner with her and bill gates looks like a piker. whenever i leave this world my friends will go with me. not to some other place. who knows if there is one. no they will travel in my spirit.

sharing dessert


a single fork