This is a place where I will post work that I myself feel proud of creating. Both previously published and unpublished work will appear here. When published I will do my best to cite the journal the piece was first published in, but I don’t submit MOST of my work for publication. That is simply because I write thousands of poems, haibun, or haiga every year. There simply are not enough places to send my work, and secondly, I have been published so many times that I no longer care to ‘take up space’ that newer, and most often much better, poets need to show off their work. I am a bit of a hermit now, so ‘tacking on’ publication credits does nothing for me. I still submit to a few trusted publications to check my own thoughts about the quality of my work. That said, I have no plans to ever publish a book or any physical collection of my work because chopping down trees is nothing my ego requires or would ever appreciate. Someday an electronic collection may occur, but my time now is spent in promoting the work of others rather than myself. Also, as I have often said I don’t consider myself one of the ‘best’ poets in any of the forms I enjoy and promote. I am very happy with much of my work, but reading the poems of others is still my favorite past time.

I hope you enjoy what I post here.

Mike Rehling


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