Haibun 126

freddie freeloader

performances are seldom free. a price oftentimes bourne not so much by the listener but the performer. performers bring us their versions of truth with a cost. enjoying it we dont see the price paid. ticket stubs dont count. we laugh and smile. cry. and most often of all just feel what comes toward us. we take it into our lives and move on. if it has real value to us as onlookers the performer has just been lucky. luck cant be purchased. luck comes from trying and not much else will bring it to you. the audience pays not to try. we have our air trumpets and air guitars after all.

soulful peace
and soundless wind chimes
wait for luck

Haiku 15

after the rain
walking through
a rainbow

things revealed
by the outgoing tide
the shine of stones

the poetry
of tieing rope
to a bobbing boat

turning suddenly
I catch
the wind

just being…
the importance of

Haibun 125

crazy talk

i think we should run away and join the circus. you can sell tiparillos and i will pound in tent stakes. i can write my novel and you can assemble your poems into a book. posting selfies with toothy smiles will be kool too.

a billion photons a second flow through me   sunspots