Haibun 61

giving up on zen

the trick i think is to not try. at love. at art. at spirituality. only a fool looks for any of these. they just stumble in your front door. drunk as skunks and asking for you to cook a meal for them. do it. you will make spiritual art and love. all will be well. or not.

i have found
the ten thousand things
autumn leaves

Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 60

catching up with the dead

i have always thought that when you die time stops. it is an invention anyway. just before they light the fire on what is left of me i will wink just once to let you all know i made it to the to the other side. if you dont see the lifeless me wink then i am still with you. know that.

the bully
from junior high
we have a drink in hell


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 59

within the yellow lines

i dont drink that much. a few liters of wine a year when dining out with my wife and friends. i also buy one bottle of lagavulin 16 years aged scotch a year. i reserve this peaty beauty for moments when i am sad. the death of someone i love for instance. as i get older i may have to make it two bottles a year.

dead irish writers
the way i hide my pain
in the pain of others


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 58

random order in the universe

binge watching old star trek episodes. the irony of it all is the vision they demonstrate from the sixties. marching for civil rights and the end of war we got lost in space. it was lonely out there too.

i exhale
a flowery phrase
to the riot police

Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 56

dark illumination

new moon. left with a few stars and a chilly autumn night i am walking where i do not know. taking the wrong turn at every turn.

mindful of nothing
the walk
longer than it should be


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 55

reality passes us by

creation is not up to god. the reality we live in is our own invention. right or wrong. an elaborate fabrication of our very tender minds. our psyches create both good and bad with equal irregularity. blood in our veins. blood on our hands. i have lost count of the times i have witnessed my own death.

two dozen
and then none
the flight of gulls


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 54

after i die no rebirth please

once is enough for me. lived it well. loved it a lot. it was a perfect life. for me it was just what it had to be. this epitaph i leave.  ‘lived while i lived. but i wont miss being alive now that i am dead’.

differ everywhere
the static nature of change

Most likely will never be ‘published’! 

Haibun 52

church of the eponymous

i have no belief system. i think reality is a construct. that just leaves me in the present moment.

my boat to the universe
i apply a slip knot

Most likely will never be ‘published’!