Haibun 132

when i was young just yesterday

as a kid i valued my bag of cats eye marbles more than anything. when i grew up i valued paper with paintings of queens and kings and revolutionaries on it. today i would give a bag of gold for my cats eye marbles that are long gone. my view of the past is much clearer today than it was when i lived it.

the impulses
of youth
exploding the sun
with my thumb

Haibun 102

oracles and wishing wells

you see a lot of things if you live long enough. the politicians come and go. never saw a single one i felt i could trust. plans for liberty equality and fraternity fade into mindlessness destruction. but it does not get me down anymore. living life is so much more fun. it is just up to me and the rest of the universe to come to terms with my beating heart. engendering smiles and giving frowns only the briefest of moments. if you can just leave off the nonsense happening all around you then your ‘safe space’ just moves with you through the day. dragging the sun into the lives of others. been doing this a long time now and just sitting quietly watching the dust sparkles in the sunlight is more than i will ever need. i pet my cat and save the elephants of india and africa. enjoying the worldly nature of a hummingbird staring at me staring at him.

walk in the woods
holding my shadow
like a lover