Haibun 68

the fragile things carry the most weight

we have a lot of ‘stuff’ in our house. collected over the years small things of wood pottery and glass are in every room. my zen mind sometimes questions the clutter but what the hell. these are ‘places’ to me. when my wife and i travel we buy ‘stuff’. and i really have to say i am ‘attached’ to it all. i have been slowly ‘losing’ my own stuff but those things that link to events in our life seem strangely stuck in place. i have no plans to even change their locations.

meditation bell
ten thousand things wait
in the living room

Most likely will never be published!

Haibun 67

hitchhiking to the end of my life

every morning i put my thumb out and catch a ride to whatever comes next. it has become so natural that it is just done without thinking. if you keep the paper blank the words will just appear when they are ready. sounds easy doesnt it. eighty six thousand four hundred seconds to the end of the day. what could go wrong.

on the way home
ten thousand bugs
die on my windshield

Most likely will never be published!

Haibun 66

humphrey bogart blues

success is internal for me. the maltese falcon exists and world war two never happens in my dreams. but still. there is too much to deal with so i just have one drink after another and wake up in the arms of lauren bacall. i was born with too much irony in my bones. i know that now.

the apocalypse
has come and gone…
i am alone


Most likely will never be published!

Haibun 65

low level idolatry

i really love basho. well i love the idea of him. ok i love the myth of him. in the last three hundred plus years things may have gotten fuzzy.

the formless nature of
worthy idols

Most likely will never be published!

Haibun 64

neanderthal calculus

there is a theory in anthropology that the ‘subhumans’ who came before us had the same faculty for reason and high thought that we do now. they just used that ‘fire power’ to lead a simple life uncomplicated by war waste and worry. amazing how sure we are about things tens or hundreds of thousands of years before this time of ours. how sure are we that the ‘science’ we have invented leads not to solutions but bigger problems than the ones we cant solve already.

have hollow bones
i lose myself in them


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 63

naming my shadows

i love the periphery. all the ‘kool kids’ are there. changing the rules. fiddling with the past. smoking each others dreams.

walking home
a full moon and i
pass through the trees


Most likely will never be ‘published’!

Haibun 62

everybodys punching bag

i am not big on fighting back. insult me. lie about me. push me around (but not too much). i tend to just take it. the truth is lost on fools so rather than wasting it i just keep it to myself. i figure people who try to make enemies are dealt with best by being friendly to them (but not too much).

consuming seasons
my tattoo
a yin yang with a ring of fire


First published in Issue 24 of Failed Haiku!