Haibun 88

it aint what the moon did

i never stumble in moonlight but the sun trips me up a lot. my imaginary public defender has missed her car payment two months in a row. i move my fingers faster over my prayer beads.

i dont blame myself   i blame the new moon   winter solstice

Haibun 87

never let go of your ghosts

my successes are what i let go of first. my failures i like to ruminate on. not with self pity but just so i can round off the corners before storing them in my mind. i dont want to hurt myself with the past. what i really want to do is see things no one can see. a still mind reflecting a full moon from a special place in the universe.

i leave myself behind
at the tall pine

Haibun 86

implications in hello

the older i get the more i read into everything i do or say. not a good habit really. letting go entirely is what we miss out on when we fear falling through our own empty spaces. i see the way hello fills those spaces for me. but every hello carries the implication of a goodbye. but still it is so nice to smile despite any implications.

i give a salute as they pass… the path   where the deer disappear

Haibun 84

you never know if you are right

i believe in uncertainty. the one constancy in the universe. physicists know this. the average person would benefit from an understanding of the ‘uncertainty principle’. people see it in operation every day but refuse to accept it. but in life to accept the seemingly imperfect as the perfect is the secret to true mastery and compassion. nature on the other hand thrives on random disorder. animals and mountain ranges learn and adjust to every movement in the universe. only humans are arrogant enough to even contemplate control. which is why we are more likely to become extinct than any other species. me. i am a one of a kind. and so are you. before we go extinct let us write short poems and drink wine.

an unkindness of ravens
drives all order
from my mind