Haibun 115


haiku poets are the hired killers of poetry. strolling down main street. encountering life. we take aim are your emotions and leave the ‘thinking’ to anyone else. then up on our high horse and out of town. jus like that.

ruts in the road
i follow a metaphor

Haibun 114

closed eyes

sometimes you just need to sit very still and close your eyes. the parade ends and your smallest thoughts float through your mouth and leave. silently.

afraid to let anyone know
cementing myself
to a breeze

Haibun 111

a flock of wah wahs

lifes been good. and now after a hard and long winter i see my first butterfly. the geese are overhead and the turkey vultures are circling. squirrels are scattering under the deck to stay out of the coopers hawks sight lines. spring just cant slow down and neither can i. life cycles are a bitch in northern michigan. but  spring is all around me.

an owl surveys
the entire forest