Haibun 155

leftover dreams

sometimes deja vu occurs in our dreams. funny isnt it when that happens. something that never occurred for real reappears while we sleep. a rumination of a dream in a dream. very odd. psychologists must have a lot of fun when this happens.

the way it wasnt…
missing you

Haibun 153

portrait of my love

if you want people to like you then make it easy for them. just be your own craggy self with all your imperfections on show. and give each of them a part of you to keep if they wish. take nothing from them though. the peace of a summer breeze repeats itself by doing nothing. a wait is always worth it. do it with the calmness of no certain reward.

casting its lot
with the butterflies

Haibun 152

a nightingale sings

i have many friends. some have left this life. many are distant. but all touch me every day. i feel the sway of all. so sad when people feel alone. i feel for them. there are songs for everyone. just listen for them.

the way
squirrels bury acorns
memories of absent friends

Haibun 151

to wisdom

some days i dont know where i am headed. complexity is a salvation. too many voices and it is easy to go to the silence. just be where you are. right now my mind is choosing colors from a baskin robbins rainbow. licking the past to find the future.

skin tight
is there any other way
to die happy