Haibun 166

blue river running slow and lazy

they built a new bridge over the outlet of a lake near my home. the dam at the outlet was closed for the construction. the outlet flows through a state park and fills the marsh. i was impressed at how much care they took to keep anything from the project getting into the marsh. we needed that bridge but the marsh is ten times as important to the wildlife and entire system. In spring this patient little stream turns into a raging river and jumps fifteen feet at the end where it falls to meet lake huron. but in the early fall it was a trickle until they finished the project. this year it rained more than usual and the marsh did not seem to lose an inch. nature managed her part of the project just fine too.

on the river rocks

Haibun 165

the second hand unwinds

i have a lot of clocks. cuckoo clocks. mantel clocks. an old austrian pendulum wall clock that my grandfather rocked me to sleep in front of. none of them have a battery or a plug. they are the eternal reminder of the true nature of time. it moves on even after we are gone. at some moment in the future there will be no time left. no one will wind the clocks. our universe will shrink to the size of an electron and disappear until the next big bang. everything i know will run out of time. everything will become one again. so. if you dont want to go ‘cuckoo’ just halt the pendulum.

walking meditation
i stop myself
at the first step

NOTE: when i die does time cease or do i?

Haibun 164

live under the sky

chickadees are so happy they fill me with unbounded smiles. all over my yard in the heat of summer or the bitterest days of winter they fly. cocking their heads in noisy celebration and observation. they see every movement and react in their perfect chickadee form. each moment is born and births another for them. the certainty of pachelbels canon and i never tire of listening and watching.

the way
branches move…
with no breeze

Haibun 163

kundalini dreams

in my yard are a million things. maybe a trillion things. infinite things really. the designs of the natural world captivate and free me. when a daylily ‘sees’ me what does it see. patterns is all. noise from my breath is all. and just another part of itself. such is the wisdom of nature. if we could only see ourselves in it and with it we would be wise lost in its vastness.

in midair…
the hummingbirds

Haibun 162

life contains no answers

people often say that life is full of questions. I dont think so. the only thing we have to do in life is to accept it. people get upset over things that amount to nothing more than unachievable dreams. why didnt i win the lottery. why did that other person get the promotion. why is that party or the other in power. or not. it is so simple really. when i was in my twenties my wife and i visited some friends at shawnigan lake in british columbia. they were working at a camp for very troubled girls. we camped on the side of a hill above their facilities. one day we were heading out to climb a mountain nearby. nothing daring just a trail to a windy peak is all. as we were loading a toyota land cruiser we were borrowing from another friend i saw that he had left a seventy pound survival pack in the back of the vehicle. i asked my friend if the owner was planning on going somewhere and he said oh no. so i asked why he had a pack ready. my friend said as a reminder. a reminder of what i asked. of the only things he really ‘needs’ was the answer. a life changing moment it was. if you carefully select the really necessary things in your life you can live a lifetime without questions or answers.

in the shape of a woman
an aurora
dances me home