Haibun 177

so many roads ease my soul

i am going to carry my dreams to the other side of town. the weight of it all gets lighter as i travel. parts of the dreams disappear you know. it lightens the load. off i go anyway. one foot before the other in total synchronicity. the vagabond life of an old hippie wearing out his dreams. most people abandon theirs. i just live them every single day. i had a roshi once who asked a group of us if we had ever seen a rock smile. we all mumbled negatively of course. then once we had driven off the cliff together he explained that every rock smiles but it takes 100000 years to fully form and another 100000 to melt away. you see I live in a land of huge smiles and used up dreams. there is a wonderful peace i possess when i focus my thoughts.

a winter moon
speeds up and disappears
blowing clouds

Haibun 176

open letter to basho

hey. just asking for everyone i guess but what is a haiku. you seemed to know but i was three hundred years late to your party in the north country. i hate the whole time travel ban you know. i want to ask you if so and so and that other person really know what you thought. they think they do but they argue all the time so i dunno. my buddha and the singing bowl on my alter just sit there waiting for me. it is so lonely i think i will write a haiku.

thinking      this
then      that
morning zazen