Haibun 82

the cling of conviction

conventional wisdom is the lowest form of thought. i prefer the highly convoluted simplicity of the truly wise. buddha said it for me ‘know who you are. be what you know’. finding yourself is the work you wake up with every day. the rest of your life just falls into place after that. i take that walk in the woods i have not attended to lately. the wind blows me away.

winter storm
the stubborn leaves
on the oak

Haibun 82

light breaks in the trees

something there is about the moon. poets are in love with it and nasa too. why something dead. a stone covered in dust. what about it is the attraction. its value eluded me when i was a kid. when i got older i learned that everything we are on earth is dependant on it. not just the tides. not just a pretty light in the sky. if the moon were to disappear tomorrow we would shortly all be gone. a fascination with our own mortality is what keeps us looking at the moon. but most of us dont have any idea that this is true. check it out for yourself if you dont believe me. the gravity of the moon will amaze you.

‘google it’
i tell the skeptic
cher has cherokee blood

Haibun 81

the real you

the body you inhabit is not you. that collection of flesh bone and blood is just a potential meal for a hungry lion is all. you are the lion the forest the plains the clouds the mountains and the rivers. my smile is the pines and the birch my greeting wave.

no direction
the  universe flows
through me

Haibun 80

seeing past all form

looking down the road until it disappears. we got the ‘flat earth theory’ that way you know. then they walked a little further. the road turned. a little further and it got straight. then the mountains appeared. before they knew it an ocean stretched out before them longer than the road ever was. or so it seemed. then they got in a boat and sailed out. three months later there was more land. another path. what we see is not all we know. but if we sit and look. it all comes to us.

after zazen
the sound of a motorcycle
takes me away

Haibun 79

but seriously now

i joke around too much. people actually have to be told by me that i was ‘just joking’. once in a while though i hit too close to home and my jokes bite me in the ass. for instance never joke about a spouses infidelity. yeah that one can rub the scab right off the wound. best to stay with the tried and true i say.

a priest
a cowboy & a dog…
tell me if you have heard it before

Haibun 78

bad moon rising

the wolf moon has begun its transition to a ‘blue’ moon. january is always cold but this year it has and will continue to be a howling monster of snow and double digit negative wind chill factors. so just another version of michigan winter for me. i have seen it all in my lifetime. just a layer or two more and some boots that go to your knees at least. i pull out my faux fur hat. the one with the ear flaps and four inches of cushion on top. yeah i make grizzly adams look like george clooney. all activity outdoors drains down to the ridiculous.

polar vortex
snow angels
in the highway

Haibun 77

uncertain healing

the past cant move us. it just is a part of us. how big a part. now that is up to us. do you carry it with you or leave it to its own devices. a bit of both it seems. if you pick the scab you keep the wound. the quiet din of the present can heal you only if you care enough about it to forget it when it is over.

chasing me
down the street
wolf moon