Haibun 9

immovable objects

growing older. two titans form in my mind. primary is the memory of everyone i have known as ‘friend’. so overwhelming it is that ‘counting’ is lost on me. all of the playmates of youth. the games both sporting and romantic. two marriages one of which i cherish completely to this day. the children both mine and the ones that make me ‘grand’. the scent of incense and peaceful reflection that flow through all of these.

but then there is loss. that war from early years. the struggles of sudden youthful deaths. beautiful memories that turn to tears. the bridge i have to cross some day in the future. in the most silent of ways. i wonder will all the memories come with me. will anyone remember me.

where i fit in
with others
potholes in a winter road

First published in:  Hedgerow!

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