Haibun 10

A Failure of Language

It has been years, yes years, since my brother and I spoke in any meaningful way. It was his decision, and not based on any action or inaction of mine, at least that I am aware of. Now, I will never really know. Having just finished a phone call with him, the last I will ever have, all I can do is wonder at the why?

long winter
birds peck at dry grass
in fresh snow

After a sharp weight loss, celiac disease was the diagnosis, and a gluten-free diet the prescription. Twenty pounds more in weight loss and an MRI revealed the mass in the small intestines of my brother. The surgery the next day removed the mass that had already involved the intestines. ‘Lymphoma’ is an undramatic word with dramatic implications. His life would be over in less than six months.

the vernal equinox
lost in a ‘polar vortex’

First published in:  HaibunToday!

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