Haibun 22

shakedown street

we all know the place where you have to slow down or get mowed down. i was a detroit boy by birth and habit. the day they raided my neighbors house in the seventies was one of those days. all the rest of us left our houses for work every morning within a half hour of each other. my neighbor directly across the street hardly left his house. he drove a cadillac had jet black appliances in his kitchen a professional pool table in the basement and steel bars on his doors and windows. when the police came for him they brought a wrecker truck to pull the door down. i remember how kool i thought it was of the cops to let him wear his cowboy hat out to the squad car. He nodded and smiled at me on my porch as they walked him out.

just another day in the neighborhood. and by the way he was back home the next day playing pool in his basement. but the bars on his front door never looked right again.

it costs
more than a dollar
to buy an ice cream cone anymore


Most likely never will be ‘published’!

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