Haibun 89

everybodys jumpin

listening to jazz. thinking about bakers keyboard lounge in the ‘d’. any bar that is shaped like a giant piano starts with a firm head start for me. more than once when closing time came they just locked the front doors and kept right on playing. being law abiding they stopped serving liquor at 2:00am. i know jazz listening while high to some folks might not seem religious. but to me even the memories are spiritual.

sweet smoke of jazz
the piano player
never looks up


One thought on “Haibun 89

  1. I know this well. I ‘grew up’ in a jazz joint – I remember the babble of voices going quiet spontaneously when something really, really good was – I’d like to say playing but that isn’t it, happening isn’t the word either but it gets there – perhaps winding its way among the musicians, when there’s real accord, synergy.

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