Haibun 90

cognitive dissonance

i was born in detroit michigan. some people might regret that fact but i never have. it is a bit of a snake bit town on many levels. but it also has a sort of club like feel to the residents. i was in the club. we took great care not to mess with other ‘members’. we knew who belonged. only got robbed once. some guys broke into our house on the east side. we had a dog that loved the kids and hated strangers. she was locked in the kitchen when they came in. she chewed the doorknob off and chased them out of the house. a blood trail ended at the fence in the backyard. after that word spread i guess that we were not a ‘soft’ target. my long hair and beard was most likely a deterrent. Those crazy hippies. they might just let their dog kill ya.

what plant is that
i dunno
lets smoke it and find out

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