Haibun 105

color wheel

when you take a photograph you are not capturing anything real. knowing that i fuck with my photos a lot. color. highlights. contrast. brightness. and my favorite ‘local tone mapping’. i love to pull my own colors out of the silicone air of a computer. there is no such thing as truth in an image. we have to make that up as we go along.

this present moment
from a past life

3 thoughts on “Haibun 105

  1. A good one, Michael. As a nature and landscape photographer, I know what you are saying. Something natural always draws me to a specific subject or scene, perhaps emotion, colors, shapes, textures, shadows or reflections. Then I look at my photo in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. trying to make it better, add a ‘wow’ factor. Why? Maybe my camera and memory have different snap settings for ‘natural’? Enough said…this hit close to home.

  2. yes. i’ve long said, “we no longer take photographs, we make photographs”. the camera is another tool, as is the brush another tool. we simply muck along, creating. being the creatures we are. nicely write. fun on. aloha r.

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