Haibun 108

dinner with socrates

i love the true debates of my youth. as a debater we were presented with two sides of an issue. build the dam. let nature determine the flow of water. we would study both sides. flip a coin and be assigned a ‘side’. during our preparation we had filled a large three ring binder with each flank of the issue. when you knew the argument assigned to you ‘flipped’ the binder to the side you had prepared for that case. often my own thoughts changed while exploring the ‘other’. then as luck would have it i would be selected to defeat my own personal beliefs. sometimes my own logical presentation changed me back to my original convictions. there is always data and logical arguments but there are very few if any ‘facts’. the heavens are less a mystery than our own views and constructions are to ourselves.

in a prison of opinions
i stage a breakout

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