Haibun 139

gonna blow a fifty amp fuse

there was a time when i thought leon trotsky was right as rain. we had an a&p store a couple blocks from my apartment and we went down to break out the windows once a week. as a first step we thought toward the revolution. it was a small store and the only one in the area for fresh fruit and pasta. two old italian ladies in the neighborhood caught us one night. they gave us a ration of shit for fucking with the only store they had nearby that carried all the old canned tomatoes and cheeses they needed. we explained that a&p was owned by huntington hartford and he supported nixon and the war. they seemed unconvinced but did not call the cops just told us never to do it again. our crew of revolutionists slunk away from those old ladies like a cat that just knocked over the vase. after that i hung out with mellow souls and became convinced it was better to be a peace loving freak instead.

but still holding out the cold
the ill fitting door

a couple of years later i told the story to a friend. she slapped me hard on the head. it was sudden and i was taken totally by surprise. that is when she explained that huntington hartford did not own a&p for over a decade and he did not support nixon in sixty eight either and was no fan of the war. i had wasted my rage and soundly defeated some store windows that were not at war with anyone.

off empty walls
footsteps from the past

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