Haibun 141

mysterious fog

fog is often discussed by poets as obscuring the view. but what i enjoy is what is reveals. if you understand fog you realize that what you cant see is still right there in front of you. fog demonstrates the real nature of existence. we see the stars in the sky. but we see almost nothing of them. as the poet archibald macleish penned in his play jb. are those the staring stars i see or only lights not meant for me. indeed it seems to me that what i cant see are the things that make life worth living. what is friendship if not a fog we cast over a relationship. it is the bond that allows us to overlook the ‘defects’ in the ‘others’ in our lives. i thank god for fog. all the good things in my life spring from it. join me in it will you…

i find more
and put my hand through it


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