Haibun 161

apotheosis of a free mind

seeing nothing is a greater feat than seeing everything or anything. people often speak about thinking ‘out of the box’. in truth the greatest gift is to think ‘in the box’. when a painter paints they first choose a canvas or some surface to paint upon. they start inside the box so to speak. they choose a medium or more than one to express themselves with. every step adds further limitations and yet they keep going. science approaches solutions and questions by fixing and limiting the scope of inquiry. where would we be if they did not. of all the laws of physics the shortest solution has provided the greatest strides in thinking. E=mc^2 is way ‘inside’ the box. and yet it starts off from the very beginning and goes to the end of creation. the big bang was not big and made no sound.

careless breeze
my dinner bell
rings at midnight

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