Haibun 195

trick of the moonlight

hunters moon they call it. well i am vegan so that is just an artifact of what i am not. i live in an area surrounded by parks and hunting shacks with eighty or so acres of land with deer and other wild animals. but where i live the guns are silent. during hunting season the deer bears and all their fellow travelers come to live with us since we are the ‘safe zone’. not unusual to see them by the dozen. my backyard if you can call it that is the size almost to the foot of our septic field. that ‘yard’ is filled with scrap bits of lumber from the mill down the road. you cant let the tree roots pollute the flow of all that effluent you know and wood chips dont need mowing. the rest of the acres we own are filled with old oak pines a few birch and some maples for color. all planted by squirrels not me. I just let the seeds of wildflowers land where they will and grow where they can. oh and most nights the slats in the blinds over our bedroom windows reveal that moon. i think it too follows us to bed.

the kimono moves past
a woman inside


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