Haibun 198

channeling basho and the oracle at delphi

i dont want to find the spirit of basho. if i did i would just shake him silly for creating my addiction. what the hell was he thinking. rambling around the backcountry like a lonely bob dylan. inventing a ‘stage name’ out of a tree. i always laugh when people pretend they know what he was thinking when he wrote that hokku or this other one. right now i cant figure out how the oracle at delphi got into the title of this haibun. for the love of christ dont ask me what a haiku is. ask that pine over there instead.

throwing rocks
into a  pond
all the frogs leave

One thought on “Haibun 198

  1. Hi, Mike! My first visit–I regret it! I especially enjoyed reading your Haibun this time. I’ll be back to see the rest of your work. Remember me, an old friend in E.L.?

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