Haibun 203

dead beats

every child of the sixties loved kerouac but wanted to be gary snyder or maybe lew welsh. kerouac lived with his mother. hell we all wanted out of our parents house. me. oh i loved lew welsh. until he committed sucide (allegedly since they never found the body but the gun was missing and he left a note). anyway your gods all have to die. it is a rule.

myself behind
sleep walking
in my

2 thoughts on “Haibun 203

  1. Love the haibun Mike! Not familiar with Welsh, but his name, will look him up, seems I prolly missed something there, love Braughtigan…read all of Kerouacs books, couple of Snyder’s, and there poems, but mine, Henry Miller- “Once you’ve given up the ghost, all else follows with dead certainty!”
    A lot of people overlook the beginnings of the sixties movement with the transcendentalist, Emerson, Thoreau, Meade, and then Wolfe, wow! Thanks for the trip…

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