Haibun 207

wishes can always come true

when you are really smart. be very careful to whom you show your intelligence. Oh do show it to others. but use it to give compassion. use it to solve issues in this world. show it to make money but be sure to share it with the mates who helped you. one strong word of warning though dont ever show it to yourself. the money you will spend on therapists will bankrupt you. smarts are like keys. they get you in but they dont do anything else. i would rather have ten good friends in the world and do one good thing for each of them than ten billion dollars. money is an anchor that drags you down. friendship now that is the real deal. it keeps you afloat in the worst of times. one of my best friends is my wife. one dinner with her and bill gates looks like a piker. whenever i leave this world my friends will go with me. not to some other place. who knows if there is one. no they will travel in my spirit.

sharing dessert


a single fork

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